Welcome to your Clinical Skills Assessment

Take this quick assessment to see if the Practice Mechanics skills training will help you with your patients!

If you see a “winged” (protracted) scapula at the right shoulder you would expect to see which major hip muscle short/tight on the same side?

Your patient responds well to adjustments but the positive effects last at most 24 hours. This could be due to?

Your patient sits behind a computer all day long, mousing with their right hand. Which combination of short/tight muscles and movement restrictions would you expect to see upon evaluation?

A sign of Systemic Inflammation is?

Your patient is a baseball pitcher. Which movement dysfunction/decrease in mobility might be associated with an increased risk of throwing elbow/shoulder pain?

The following can be used to evaluate Motor Control:

In compartments that are Extensor Long we would expect to see the following muscles long/weak:

Testing for anterior body Motor Control we can utilize:

If you find Pronator Teres on the left to be short and tight which other muscles would you expect might also be short and tight?

Your acute LBP patient has decreased passive dorsiflexion at the left ankle. Which SLR would you expect might be restricted as well?