Welcome to your Administrative Skills Assessment

Take this quick assessment to see if the Practice Mechanics administrative skills training will help you run your practice!

Which of the following is true about an effective healthcare practice compliance program:

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) lists the benefits of an effective compliance program as including all the following except:

The most valuable defense against a negative payer audit is typically

Most payer audits, whether concurrent or post-payment, are generally investigating the provider’s record to determine

Proper informed consent should include all the following except

“PART” documentation to establish medical necessity for treatment of Medicare patients stands for:

Chiropractic daily notes that historically fail Medicare audit or post-payment review are most likely due to the absence of:

The primary reason for documentation of patient encounters is:

For chiropractors who perform diagnostic imaging in their offices, what is the most common documentation error committed?

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) defines one unit of a timed service as 15 minutes. What is the least number of minutes of a single timed service that must be performed/documented in order to bill for 2 units of that service?