Our goal is to be your one-stop resource  for not only administrative, billing, and risk management needs…but also a repository for evidence-based clinical evaluation and treatment instruction.

Dr. Michael Massey and Dr. Rob Pape joined forces to create a practical “toolbox” for chiropractic practices. With over 50 years of combined chiropractic practice experience, we are able to help chiropractors run their practices efficiently and effectively from both a clinical and an administrative perspective.

Both Dr. Massey and Dr. Pape enjoy helping chiropractors grow their knowledge and skills.


Dr. Rob Pape
Dr. Rob is a long-time innovator in clinical evaluation and treatment instruction. He created Quadrant Analysis, which combines a subclassification system with theoretical, practical biomechanics. Quadrant Analysis improves and simplifies patient assessment, breaking the body down into traceable patterns which chiropractors can utilize to get better and faster patient results. The Practice Mechanics resources include detailed information about Quadrant Analysis and specific techniques so you can help your patients get the results you want for them.

Rob graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1996 and has been in successful practice ever since. His clinical approach is full body and generally combines joint and soft tissue work with movement therapy.



Dr. Michael Massey
Dr. Massey has spent much of his 30-year career with a special interest in practice administration matters such as coding, documentation, privacy, compliance, and risk management. He has worked for both payers and regulators while also maintaining a busy solo practice.  Experiencing the health insurance payer framework from every angle has given him deep knowledge that is available here for the Practice Mechanics community.

Dr. Massey’s goal is to take the sometimes mundane, complex, and confusing aspects of practice and make them understandable while helping others gain confidence in their everyday practice operations